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Time series data, courtesy of Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS)

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#Sub-topic nameNumber of seriesDate resolution(s)Data type(s)
1Marketing Of Agricultural Products,Field Crops 22Year,MonthOriginal
2Marketing Of Agricultural Products,Vegetables, potatous and melons146Year,MonthOriginal
3Marketing Of Agricultural Products,Fruit 98Year,Month,QuarterOriginal
4Marketing Of Agricultural Products,Animals and animals products 86Year,MonthOriginal
5Agricultural Exports,Field Crops 10Year,MonthOriginal
6Agricultural Exports,Vegetables, potatous and melons 72Year,MonthOriginal
7Agricultural Exports,Total 2Year,MonthOriginal
8Agricultural Exports,Fruit 36Year,MonthOriginal
9Agricultural Exports,Flowers and garden plants 40Year,MonthOriginal
10Sales Of Feed Mix,By Type 22Year,MonthOriginal
11Food Supply, Food Energy And Nutrients, Per Capita Per Day,Total139YearOriginal
12Agricultural Output (Values And Quantity),Domestic agricultural produce,Livestock and their products 40YearOriginal
13Food Supply, Food Energy And Nutrients, Per Capita Per Day,Potatoes and starches 26YearOriginal
14Food Supply, Food Energy And Nutrients, Per Capita Per Day,Sugar, sweet and honey 12YearOriginal
15Marketing Of Agricultural Products,Total 8Month,YearOriginal
16Price Indices Of Agricultural Output,Indices for main groups 8YearOriginal
17Price Indices Of Agricultural Output,Field Crops 13YearOriginal
18Price Indices Of Agricultural Output,Vegetables, potatous and melons 21YearOriginal
19Price Indices Of Agricultural Output,Citrus 9YearOriginal
20Price Indices Of Agricultural Output,Plantations, excluding citrus 19YearOriginal
21Price Indices Of Agricultural Output,Livestock and their products 18YearOriginal
22Agricultural Output (Values And Quantity),Livestock 11YearOriginal
23Land Use,Land by Categories 5YearOriginal
24Agricultural Output (Values And Quantity),Domestic agricultural produce, total 3YearOriginal
25Agricultural Output (Values And Quantity),Domestic agricultural produce,Field crops 29YearOriginal
26Agricultural Output (Values And Quantity),Domestic agricultural produce,Vegetables, potatoes and melons 88YearOriginal
27Agricultural Output (Values And Quantity),Domestic agricultural produce,Plantations 83YearOriginal
28Agricultural Output (Values And Quantity),Domestic agricultural produce,Flowers and garden plants 22YearOriginal
29Agricultural Output (Values And Quantity),Miscellaneous crops 5YearOriginal