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Time series data, courtesy of Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS)

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Labour Data Based On Reports Of Nii And Other Sources

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#Sub-topic nameNumber of seriesDate resolution(s)Data type(s)
1Total Wages (Israelis Workers),By Industry (Indices) 84Month,YearOriginal,NA
2Total Wages (Israelis Workers),By Industry (Absolute Number) 84Month,YearOriginal,NA
3Average Monthly Wages (Israelis Workers),By Industry (Absolute Number) 92Month,YearOriginal,NA,Seasonal Adjusted,Trend
4Average Monthly Wages (Israelis Workers),By Industry (Indices)147Month,YearOriginal,NA
5Employee Jobs, Total Wages And Average Wages (Incl. Jobs Of Foreign Workers),Employee Posts 54Month,YearOriginal,Seasonal Adjusted,Trend
6Employee Jobs, Total Wages And Average Wages (Incl. Jobs Of Foreign Workers),Wages Per Employee Post108Month,YearOriginal,Seasonal Adjusted,Trend
7Employee Jobs, Total Wages And Average Wages (Incl. Jobs Of Foreign Workers),Total Wages 6MonthOriginal
8Employee Jobs (Israelis Workers),By Industry (Absolute Number) 86Month,YearNA,Original,Seasonal Adjusted,Trend
9Employee Jobs (Israelis Workers),By Industry (Indices) 78Month,YearNA,Original
10Employee Jobs (Israelis Workers),By Division (Absolute Number)102Month,YearNA,Original
11Employee Jobs (Israelis Workers),By Division (Indices)102Month,YearNA,Original
12Average Monthly Wages (Israelis Workers),By Division (Absolute Number)153Month,YearNA,Original
13Average Monthly Wages (Israelis Workers),By Division (Indices) 67Month,YearNA,Original
14Workers From Abroad,By Industry (Absolute Number) 54Month,YearOriginal