- Statistics of IsraeL

Time series data, courtesy of Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS)

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Public Order

Courts, Matters Entered,Entered, Decided and Pending

Series name: Total, Entered , All Courts

Series characteristics: Year, Original Data, Number


The graph:

Year, Original Data, Number.pngDownload the above time series graph in a png or the svg file format.
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Interactive graph:


Descriptive statistics:
Min.1st Qu.MedianMean3rd Qu.Max.sdSample sizeDate range
82630091600099920099770010790001143000114885.9801/1992 --- 01/1999

Time-series diagnostic figures:You can download the auto-correlation plot and the partial auto-correlation plot figures (.svg files) for diagnostics of the series for AR/MA/ARIMA models (assuming little trend is present in the series).

Data table:

Download the data file (a pipe(|)-delimited format .txt file). Or simply copy-paste it to your favorite spreadsheet application:

#DatePublic Order | Courts, Matters Entered,Entered, Decided and Pending | Total, Entered , All Courts | Year, Original Data, Number
101/01/1992 826314
201/01/1993 906983
301/01/1994 919051
401/01/1995 939556