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Time series data, courtesy of Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS)

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Tourism And Accomodations Services

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#Sub-topic nameNumber of seriesDate resolution(s)Data type(s)
1Accomodations Services,Data about Hotels1045Month,YearOriginal,Seasonal Adjusted,Trend
2Accomodations Services,Youth Hostels 53Month,YearOriginal
3Accomodations Services,Rural Tourism 176Month,YearOriginal
4Departures And Returns Of Israelis,Departures And Returns, Total 62MonthSeasonal Adjusted,Trend,Original
5Departures And Returns Of Israelis,Departures By Route And Check Points 9MonthOriginal
6Departures And Returns Of Israelis,Returns By Mode of Travel, Duration of Stay and Check Points 60MonthOriginal