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Time series data from The Central Bureau of Statistics (Israel CBS)

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Recently, as part of a move to a more open government, the Israeli's Central Bureau of Statistics (Israel CBS) have released many of their time-series data as one huge file, in an open license for free use and re-use. This promotion of public data was made possible thanks to the great work and colleboration with the website, which was initiated by minister Michael Eitan, and pushed forward by Nir Hirshman and Morad Stern.

Site's purpose is aimed at presenting (approx) 30,000 series of data, touching a wide range of topics related to Israel. The website offers to following advantages:

1) Permanency - The site gives links that are permanent. You can share the site's links with your friends and colleagues (via e-mail, facebook, and so on)

2) Visualizations - each data series in accompanied by a static and an interactive graph - showing the trend over time. There is also some basic statistics, and more advanced graphs such as that of the autocorrelation function and the partial autocorrelation function.

3) User Interaction - The site offers a comment box, to allow you to share your questions and analysis of the data with other visitors of the site. You can also embed the graphs from the site in your own blog.

Who is behind this website?

The site was built by Tal Galili. A blogger by night, by day Tal is researching for his PhD in Statistics at the Tel Aviv University and works as a teaching assistant for several statistics courses in the university. I also write three blogs at:

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I hope you will find this website useful, please feel welcome to leave a commant, or contact me for whatever question you may have.

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